Senior Software Developer: Bloomberg

“I went to Elena with the goals of improving the efficiency and expressiveness of my voice and accent reduction. I recently delivered a presentation to a 200 member audience at my workplace with great success. Many of the managers in my department came up to congratulate me personally after the event and a lot of my colleagues told me they felt inspired. The credit for this goes to Elena who is a brilliant and kind teacher and put in a lot of effort in training me for this. As I continue to work with her, I am certain that there are many more goals she will help me achieve. ” 


Entrepreneur 6/25/2018

As an entrepreneur working in my new venture, I spent a few months in NYC in 2017 taking advantage of what the city had to offer. I knew I had to prepare my presentation skills in order to deliver a good business pitch, so I decided to look for a vocal coach even before I arrived in the city. I found Elena through Google and Yelp, I read some good reviews on her  and decided to hire her; it was a great decision. I had about 10 sessions in person with her while I was in NYC and it was amazing to develop a whole new set of skills with her help. She helped me develop breathing techniques, improve my accent in English, and work on my public speaking. The best part, I believe, came from her experience as an actress: I became a much better story teller and much more comfortable talking in front of other people. I'm not sure how she did it, but I could tell the difference and so could my colleagues. Finally, Elena also helped me write the script in my elevator pitch and my 3-minute pitch introducing my company. I recommend Elena 100%!



"Elena has been my voice coach since March. I give public presentations and wanted to shift from a more formal, stilted style to one that was natural and expansive and she is getting me there! Elena has great intuition, she's honest, energetic, flexible, funny, articulate, and has a lot of tools in her coaching kit. She's not just about speaking style either. She combines knowledge of how the voice apparatus works and connects with the rest of the body, with her performer's knowledge of how to reach an audience and with an appreciation for how this all has to fit with who you are as a person and with the content of your presentation. I recommend her highly


Life Coach

"Elena has been my voice coach for more than 6 months. As someone who speaks in front of groups, I needed a coach who could show me how to refine and strengthen my voice as a tool for connecting with other people. Elena has done exactly that.
By working with Elena each week, I now have so much more confidence in my ability to speak clearly and articulately, whether addressing a large group, or simply having a one-on-one conversation. She's kind, honest, and clearly an expert in her field.
If you're looking for a voice coach, Elena McGhee is the one."


Tony Nominated Actress

"One of Elena's big strengths as a voice teacher is that she is a performer herself. As an artist, both as teacher and actress, she understands  the importance of being in touch with the breath, which in turn encourages a person to be more in touch with their own emotional life. The more present in your body, the more accessible you are to yourself. 
I have been coached by Elena, and have observed her in the classroom with groups of students. She is empathetic, honest and firm, and her instincts are spot on. Whether you are an actor starting out or wanting to get back into the game, or you are just scared to speak in front of others, Elena is the coach for you."