"Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to communicate, to compel." Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Private Voice Lessons -Accent Reduction- Specialized Workshops

Private Voice Lessons

Learn how to use your voice and body to attain physical balance and ease in your speaking, and receive detailed coaching to improve your speaking skills. You will learn what works about you and how to use your best attributes to engage your audience. Each lesson is a step by step progression of vocal and physical exercises designed to develop, strengthen and empower your voice and your overall communication skills.

Personal Assessment

  • I give you an individual needs assessment to benchmark your current skill level.

  • I  will identify your habits that inhibit your voice and redirect to best use.

  • I will design a training program tailored to your needs, and you will know exactly what to work on to improve your voice and speech. 

  • 12 hours of training suggested to complete the training progression program.


  • Clear speech

  • Balance, energy and relaxation in your body

  • Breathing coordination for best use for speaking

  • Command your audience with a clear, strong and compelling speaking voice.

Accent Reduction Lessons

Is your accent an obstacle to clear communication? Speaking English as a second language should be seen as an asset in our global economy.  


  • Learn the sounds of American English

  • Learn to speak using Neutral American speech

  • Learn how to use your voice to be strong and clear

  • Confidence and pleasure in your speaking skills

  • 12-24 hours of training suggested for optimum results.

 Workshops for Business Professionals

I offer one- and two-day workshops of up to 18 participants. In the one-day workshop, you will receive quick assessments and coaching on how to improve your communication and inspire your audience. The two-day workshop expands and deepens the work into team-building and interactive communication skills: empathy, listening, and collaboration.

 Specialized Workshops

I  customize and tailor workshops to meet your needs.

The Women in Business workshop addresses the unique challenges that face women in the professional sphere, making sure you are received as smart and as serious as you are. A special focus is placed on confidence, strengthening the voice, and building vocal range.

The C-Level Executives workshop helps prepare leaders to tackle large group presentations and media events with ease, charisma and power.